Lab Personnel

The Nowlin Aquatic Ecology Lab is highly collaborative and students represent a variety of research interests.  Students often assist each other on projects and have a great deal of fun in the lab and the field.

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Current Lab Members

Chase Corrington (MS – Aquatic Resources)

Eric Julius (MS – Aquatic Resources)

Kayla Robichaux (MS – Wildlife Ecology)

Matthew Stehle (MS – Wildlife Ecology)

Kirby Wright (MS – Aquatic Resources)

Ashley Cottrell – Lab Manager


Former PhD Students

Dr. Parvathi Nair (Post Doctoral Scholar, University of Texas Marine Science Institute)

Dr. Alisa Abuzeineh (Wichita Public School District, Kansas)

Dr. Jesse Becker (Bureau of Ecosystem Health, Division of Fish and Wildlife, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)


Former MS Students

Áine Carroll (TCEQ)

Brad Caston (TCEQ)

Pete Diaz (USFWS)

Crystal Datri (née LeBoeuf) (St. Edwards University)

Amelia Hunter (USFWS)

Nate Krupka (Environmental consultant)

Lauren Loney (Fellow, The University of Texas School of Law)

Nina Noreika (PhD Student, Czech Technical University in Prague)

Corey Pray (TCEQ)

Kelly Rodibaugh (TCEQ)

Alexandra Smith (Office of Sponsored Programs, Texas State University)

Aaron Swink (On Kaua’i living the dream)

Rebecca Zawalski (Oklahoma Conservation Commission)


Former Technicians

Gaby Timmins (Lab Manager)

Philip Ramirez (Field Technician)

McLean Worsham (Lab Technician, currently PhD student at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)


Former Undergraduates

Frank Alfano, Lauren Wise, Spencer Hanna, Maria Gonzalez, Alex Carr, Kayla Cerney, Christine Young, Shannon Devine, Robin Williams

Corey and SusNight Dive