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*, †, ‡ and § denote PhD, Masters, undergraduates and technicians in my lab, respectively

Swink, AP†, BF Schwartz, and WH Nowlin.  In review.  Predicting phosphorus uptake in rivers: local conditions and deviation from global patterns.  Ecology.

Nair, P*, MA Worsham§, MA, AH Everett†, R Gibson, and WH Nowlin.  Accepted pending revision (revisions submitted).  External sexual dimorphism of Heterelmis spp. Sharp (Coleoptera: Elmidae) and evidence of sex ratio disparity for a critically imperiled species.  The Coleopterists Bulletin.

Ortega-Rodriguez, C; MM Chumchal, RW Drenner, J Kennedy, WH Nowlin, B Barst, D Polk, M Hall, E Williams, K Lauck, A Santa-Rios, and N Basu.  In press.  Relationship between methyl mercury contamination and proportion of aquatic and terrestrial prey in diets of seven taxa of shoreline spiders.  Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

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Olson, J, J Robertson, TM Swannack, RF McMahon, WH Nowlin, and AN Schwalb.  2018.  Dispersal of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) downstream of an invaded reservoir.  Aquatic Invasions.  13:199-209.

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Brown, DJ, WH Nowlin, E Ozel, I Mali, D Episcopo, MC Jones, and MRJ Forstner. 2013. Comparison of short term low, moderate, and high severity fire impacts to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem components of a couthern USA mixed pine/hardwood forest. Forest Ecology and Management. 312:179-192.

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